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Why Irish People Love to Invest in Gold: Everything You Should Know

Many investors in Ireland are big fans of investing in gold. Gold is an investment that has plenty of fantastic qualities for those looking for safe and reliable returns over a long period of time. In particular, Irish people seem to invest much more heavily in gold than individuals from other countries. Here is everything you should know about why Irish individuals love to invest in gold.


Gold has Stable and Reliable Returns

One of the most important qualities to consider when analysing an investment is the rate of return. Investments with low rates of return are only favorable if they are safe and carry minimal risk. Many Irish investors believe that gold has the perfect combination of stability and reasonable returns. If you look at the gold prices for the past couple of decades, you’ll notice a strong gain in value. In comparison to other safe investments, such as bonds, gold has had tremendous investment performance.

Irish individuals love the fantastic returns long-term gold investments deliver. You’ll find that many people in Ireland, from all backgrounds, believe that gold is a good investment. The reliable returns that you can expect from investing in gold assets are the primary reason why the Irish disproportionately like to invest in this precious metal.

Gold is a Safe Investment With Minimal Risks

Gold is easily one of the safest investments available, which means it is a favorite amongst conservative Irish investors. Conservative investors often have a minimal amount of choice when it comes to possible investments. Shares of publicly traded companies are too risky, as well as other financial instruments like derivatives. Usually, investors with low-risk tolerance end up choosing government bonds and bonds from stable corporations for investment. The only problem is bonds often deliver meagre returns.

In comparison to common safe investments such as government bonds, gold is not only safe, but capable of delivering high returns. In fact, some analysts believe that gold is even safer than government bonds of unstable countries. The incredibly safe nature of gold, which does not have a predetermined rate or return like bonds, makes it an incredibly attractive investment for many Irish individuals.

Gold is Easy to Acquire for Investment Purposes

Some investments are incredibly difficult for regular household investors to acquire. Private equity investments, small bond issues by corporations, exotic derivatives, all aimed towards institutional investors rather than individual investors. In comparison, gold is one of the most attainable investments in the world. Institutional investors as well as retail investors have almost the same level of access to the various gold-related investments available. The high availability of gold as an investment makes it attractive to Irish investors.

Many speculate that the reasoning behind why Irish people love investing in gold is high availability. In Ireland, it’s easier to invest in gold than it is to invest in publicly traded companies. Many Irish investors prefer the easy process of investing in gold. Accessibility is one of many large reasons why you’ll find that both retail and institutional investors in Ireland like to buy gold.

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Gold has Low Minimum Investment Requirements

Some investments, such as mutual funds, have a minimum initial investment requirement. However, gold has virtually no minimum investment requirements. There are many publicly traded gold funds that only require a few dollars in order to make an investment. On the other hand, physical gold is also available in very small sizes, which is perfect for investors that don’t have the funds to make a large investment. The low amount of money needed to begin investing in gold is why so many Irish individuals like to make investments in gold.